This photo blog has been created to tell the story of two childhoods; without words and without faces.

I hope this photo project will enable me to be creative in the way I capture my children’s lives.  I hope I can show that there are so many little details, and moments, that can be treasured without needing to focus on facial expressions. I hope I can share images that will bring less attention to my children’s physical appearance and more to the beauty of childhood as a whole.

Some of these photos are taken on my DSLR and some on my phone. They won’t be in any particular order – just a jumbled selection of old and new, camera and phone, as and when I take and find them. I will share the dates, location and camera setting info. in my posts.


Why do I avoid sharing photos of my children’s faces?

Mostly because I had a personal conviction about how much of my kids lives I was sharing on social media. Not only do I want to protect their identity online, I also want to respect their privacy. Now I think to myself; would my children want this photo to be available for everyone to see when they are fourteen?

Also, we don’t always know who’s seeing our images. I received a weird comment about my son on my old Instagram account that freaked me out. Yes, I could just tighten my security settings, or not put any photos on social media. However, photography is my passion and I want to share some of my favourite images with others.

So, instead I came up with a solution that would allow me to share photos of my children from a place of freedom and not fear. I’ve created a new Instagram account and blog and I’ve tightened my privacy settings on Facebook where I share some of my other photos with family and friends in the UK.